Technical characteristics of spherical aluminum powder

June 06, 2021

The fine spherical aluminum powder is the main raw material of a high-grade aluminum pigment, and it is widely used. Generally used in aluminum and gold materials, steelmaking degassing agent and aerated concrete, especially the demand for aerated concrete foaming agent is very large. At the same time, the fine spherical aluminum powder can also be used for pesticides and gunpowder, and can be used as the main raw material for fireworks in gunpowder.

The technical characteristics of the fine spherical aluminum powder are as follows:
1. The fine spherical aluminum powder can integrate pneumatic atomization powder making, particle size classification, pneumatic conveying, and powder packaging into a closed system. The production process uses nitrogen (purity 99.5%) as the protective gas, which can ensure the production of high-quality The spherical aluminum powder also ensures the safety of the production process. In addition, the atomizer designed and manufactured in large quantities according to the newer pneumatic atomization has a simple structure and low energy consumption, and can spray fine spherical aluminum powder under a pressure of 3.0-5.0MPa.
2. The fine spherical aluminum powder is used in series with more advanced centrifugal and cyclone classifiers, which can separate more than two kinds of spherical aluminum powders with different particle sizes at a time, and the particle size range can be adjusted arbitrarily between d50 and 4-40um. In addition, the aluminum powder after particle size classification adopts a dense-phase pulse pneumatic plug flow air knife conveying device to the packaging department. The packaging process is carried out in a semi-closed working box to prevent dust from flying and ensure production safety.
3. The fine spherical aluminum powder can be recycled and recycled with nitrogen, and the gas consumption is less than 10m³/h. The equipment is designed according to the larger explosion pressure (1.6MPa) of the spherical aluminum powder and has a safety venting device. The fine spherical aluminum powder is equipped with a gas oxygen content measurement alarm device, which can be continuously fed for production, and can be used as a separate aluminum powder classification device.